Sunday, March 8, 2009

Flea market season is almost here ... !

Next weekend marks the opening of the flea market season here in the Oslo area. :-) There are two events on the 14th/15th, one of which I would normally definitely go to - namely, the flea market held twice a year at Hasle elementary school. Unfortunately, I will have to miss this one, since I will be in Warsaw, Poland next weekend. I'm OK with that. :-) I'll be back for the one at Høyenhall, though - I always go to that one (it's also twice a year) and I will definitely be there on March 21st. :-)

If you're in the Oslo area and you're looking for a flea market, this is the place to go to:, a great site with lots of detailed info on a huge number of events. I'm addicted to that site during the season. :-) Check it out. :-)

These are some pictures of various hauls I've brought home from flea markets in the past. Mostly books, yeah. ;-)

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