Saturday, January 24, 2009

Authors A-Z challenge 2008

A. Akunin, Boris: Vinterdrottningen
B. Berlitz, Charles: The Bermuda Triangle
C. Capuzzo, Michael: Close to Shore
D. Duras, Marguerite: Elskeren
E. Esquivel, Laura: Hjerter i chili
F. Francis, Diana Pharaoh: Path of Fate
G. Gregory, Julie: Sickened
H. Harris, Sam: The End of Faith
I. Ishiguro, Kazuo: The Remains of the Day
J. Jones, Aphrodite: The Embrace
K. Keown, Damien: Buddhism. A Very Short Introduction
L. Lord, Bette Bao: Spring Moon
M. Manguel, Alberto: Stevenson Under the Palm Tree
N. Nix, Garth: Grim Tuesday
O. O'Neill, Joseph: Land Under England
P. Pears, Iain: The Raphael Affair
Q. Qiu Xiaolong: En rød heltinnes død
R. Roslund, Anders & Hellström, Börge: Odjuret
S. Smith, DL: Miraklene i Santo Fico
T. Tennant, Emma: Pemberley
U. Unknown (Oscar Wilde, et. al?): Teleny
V. Vallgren, Carl-Johan: Dokumenter vedrørende spilleren Rubashov
W. Wiese, Jan: Kvinnen som kledte seg naken for sin elskede
X. Xinran: Himmelgraven
Y. Yamada, Taichi: Strangers
Z. Zusak: Markus: Boktyven

I completed the challenge on July 21st. Although there was always a tiny niggling voice wondering if it wasn't somehow cheating to use 'Unknown' for the U ... ? :-)

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