Sunday, January 18, 2009

My reading year 2008

Some facts & figures on my reading over the past year. Mainly for my own amusement. :-) It'll be interesting to go back to this next January.

Books read
Fiction: 108
Nonfiction: 48
Audiobooks: 9
Total: 165

Also 4 that I started in 2007 and finished in 2008, + 4 that I started in 2008 and will finish in 2009. Haven't counted these.

All but three of these were registered on BookCrossing.

For monthly lists of every title I read in 2008, click here and scroll down.

I read 16 titles from the [original] list of 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die.

Some of the best books I read this year (although it's hard to choose), in no particular order:
As Nature Made Him by John Colapinto
Glennkill by Leonie Swann
Bara sedan solen sjunkit by Johanna Sinisalo
Close to Shore by Michael Capuzzo
Freakonomics by Levitt/Dubner
Olja by Gunnar Lindstedt
The Book of Ebenezer Le Page by GB Edwards
Suits Me. The Double Life of Billy Tipton by Diane Wood Middlebrook
Dokumenter vedrørende spilleren Rubashov by Carl-Johan Vallgren
Mary Kingsley. Forskningsresande i Västafrika by Signe Höjer

Some authors I read for the first time this year and will definitely be returning to:
Robert Harris
Bette Bao Lord
Qiu Xiaolong
Roslund & Hellström
Thomas Hardy
Karin Alvtegen
Lucia St Clair Robson

Some literary disappointments that I'd advise against trying:
Elskeren by Marguerite Duras
The Embrace by Aphrodite Jones
Pride & Promiscuity by Arielle Eckstut
Elinor & Marianne by Emma Tennant
American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis
Illusions by Richard Bach
Legally Blonde by Amanda Brown

The biggest event of my reading life this year was getting my mp3 player. Best thing I bought all year. :-) Out of the 9 audiobooks I got through this year, 4 were in December. So ... I predict that in 2009, I will read many many more audiobooks than I ever have before. :-)

In 2009 I will keep track of not only the number of books that I read, but also the number of pages. Just out of curiosity. :-)

Happy reading, everyone!! :-)


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